20 Money Mistakes College Students Make
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You've Found It! Real-world, easy-to-read guidance on how to avoid the 20 money mistakes facing college students (and young people of all ages). Written by a CPA sharing years of experience working with college students. This booklet comes in PDF format so you can pay and download immediately.  A professionally printed version is also available.

The purpose of this booklet is to provide you some common sense guidance on how to financially navigate the college experience successfully. Representing years of research, this guide clearly identifies the twenty most serious financial issues college students face. Sadly, many of the college students I've worked with did not understand the seriousness of managing their finances.

Most young college students have no financial training. You get little formal instruction in high school that showed how to manage or control money.

Unfortunately, most students leave college with a diploma, but very little practical experience in managing their money. Most adults are technically broke or bankrupt. They have no real net worth because they can’t control their desire to have everything now. I’ve heard that in 2009, the average American spent 112% of their income. If you live on more than what you bring in, guess what? You’re a financial slave -- a slave to debt, credit cards and the ever-popular monthly payment. You can not forget borrowed money has to be paid back.

My goal is to save you some of the heartache and trouble that I’ve seen college students go through, problems that I experienced myself as a college student. My hope is that you get some knowledge and wisdom out of this booklet that makes your financial path a little easier, a little brighter, and helps to develop good financial habits that will last you a lifetime.

Topics Include

Chapter 1 Credit and Debit Cards Chapter 2 Student Loans
Chapter 3 Cars and Car Insurance Chapter 4 Co-signing Loans for Others
Chapter 5 Apartment Leases & Deposits Chapter 6 Campus Obligations
Chapter 7 Restaurants & Eating Out Chapter 8 Monthly Budget
Chapter 9 Payday Loans and Check Cashing Services Chapter 10 Scholarships & Grants
Chapter 11 Jobs & Income Chapter 12 Cellular Phones
Chapter 13 Medical Insurance Chapter 14 Changing Classes & Majors and Wrong Major
Chapter 15 Banking Chapter 16 Income Tax Returns
Chapter 17 Investing in Internships Chapter 18 Emergency Reserve Account
Chapter 19 Your Credit Report Chapter 20 Systematic Investing  

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